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08/22/201310:19RickyForum InformationSome things for forum 2: (1) Forum 1 is still out there so you will have to use the arrows at the top of the forum list and go to the second page of forums to find the link for forum 2. It does not specifically state forum 2. (2) You should have access starting tomorrow morning (Friday) but, if not, let me know and I will put a link to the questions somewhere on this website so you can use the weekend to work on it if you want. (3) I`m still resolving the email list in this site so not all may get this. If you do, feel free to pass it on.
08/18/201316:05RickyCheck EmailJust a test message to see if posting a message on the website reaches individual email accounts.
08/12/201306:04MichelleCCMD consolidation articleFolks, a timely read during our discussion on CCMD last week and the uncertain fiscal implications.
08/05/201316:16CecilOasis inop?No joy with entering oasis with CAC or username/password. Still trying.
08/05/201316:16CecilOasis inop?No joy with entering oasis with CAC or username/password. Still trying.
08/04/201319:04MichelleClass GiftGift Update: Mini-prints and note cards are included for a nominal fee well within budget, so the agreement is set except for the "idea" portion. The consensus from us and the other seminars is for the painting to: depict end of mission in Iraq and the transition of the colors in Afghanistan, to include representation of all services and components (no more than 6 portraits) and highlighting the citizen Soldier. It will also depict the transition of the World Trade Center Towers from 911 until rebuild. I have our official consensus tally if anyone is interested. Also, Mini-prints of the other two prints is not doable as once the limited edition print is sold out there is no more opportunity for purchase. The artist and publisher have strict rules regarding the limited edition prints.
08/04/201319:00MichelleDave NavratilHas anyone heard from Dave? Sent him an email earlier this evening to make sure he knows to chime in on the forum.
08/04/201305:58Dan DComm CheckI am up on the net in both OASIS and this forum. VR, Dan
08/03/201318:51RickyForum 1 begins MondayForum 1 starts Monday. Be sure to sign in tonight or tomorrow.
08/02/201311:29MichellefixedRick, just pulled Oasis up again and I`m now in 17, so someone fixed in last 10 mins....yes, I sent you an email earlier. thanks
08/02/201311:14RickyWrong seminarMichelle, I show you in 17. Did you copy me on the email?
08/02/201311:04MichelleOASIS issueRicky, not sure if you got my email, but Oasis is showing me in Seminar 16, not 17...I sent an email to Dr. Groh and the admin techs, but no response yet...hope not all are on furlough today! Any suggestions to get fixed? Michelle
08/02/201305:56Michellegood emailsSem 17, Team A: Tony B, Jeff W., Dave, Kevin G, Dan D., Frank: Can you guys send me your current email you are using over next week? Send to: THanks!
08/02/201304:30CecilTest message
08/01/201315:08Frank, where are you deploying? Let us know if you have any issues getting on board the forum...we will help come up with alternatives if you get in a bind! Sem17
08/01/201310:47frankcommo checkcommo check ready; Sorry I didn`t reply earlier. We got the MOB order 28 June, TDY last 2 weeks, JA 15 July, SRP and extended AT/Yellow Ribbon and AT 17 SEP with Mob Starting 1 Oct. If my Devens AWC Battle Buddy didn`t tell me the forum starts on monday I would have forgot. Look forward to the event.
07/30/201306:38RickyMichelleMichelle, you passed the test! Team A, as always, on the ball. I will provide information as I get it. I will probably add an email link as well so you can email the seminar if you want. It will take a re-write of an old page to let you pick and choose who you want to email.
07/30/201306:36RickyRefresh the page oftenBecause some of this information is static, be sure to refresh the page often. Anything database driven, like the messages below, will update automatically. But the static information, such as the links, will be cached and you must refresh the page or delete the cache (temporary files) to get the newest version/information.
07/30/201306:06Michelletestingjust checking out the postings to make sure I am on board. Sem 17 Team A (Matt, Tony B., Jeff W., Dave, Kevin G., Dan D., Frank) are ready to go! Michelle
07/29/201317:32RickyCommo CheckCommo Check