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09/16/201306:46Ricky S. TestTest
08/22/201310:18Ricky Forum InformationSome things for forum 2: (1) Forum 1 is still out there so you will have to use the arrows at the top of the forum list and go to the second page of forums to find the link for forum 2. It does not specifically state forum 2. (2) You should have access starting tomorrow morning (Friday) but, if not, let me know and I will put a link to the questions somewhere on this website so you can use the weekend to work on it if you want. (3) I`m still resolving the email list in this site so not all may get this. If you do, feel free to pass it on.
08/19/201307:38Milt ThompsonTeam BTeam B is tracking and good to go for Fourm 2.
08/19/201307:38Milt ThompsonTeam BTeam B is tracking and good to go for Fourm 2.
08/18/201315:55RickyTest emailJust a test message to see if posting a message on the website reaches individual email accounts.
08/04/201313:30Bev BeaversCommo CheckReady to go -
08/03/201318:51RickyForum 1 begins MondayForum 1 starts Monday. Be sure to sign in tonight or tomorrow.
08/01/201310:57Toniacommo check Ready to go !
08/01/201308:09RiddellComm CheckReady
08/01/201308:09RiddellComm CheckReady
07/31/201318:30DougCommo CheckCommo Check
07/30/201310:10Stucomms checkGlad to see you guys survived the "break" between courses. See you at the forum! Stu
07/30/201309:11MiltCommo CheckGood Copy!! Milt
07/30/201306:36RickyRefresh the page oftenBecause some of this information is static, be sure to refresh the page often. Anything database driven, like the messages below, will update automatically. But the static information, such as the links, will be cached and you must refresh the page or delete the cache (temporary files) to get the newest version/information.
07/30/201306:34RickyHalls and RoomsJohn, when you go into the forum, you will see links on the left. I placed a snapshot (it`s in a word document) up above in the LINKS section.
07/29/201319:17John RosnowHalls and RoomsRegarding the note above about halls and rooms, is that within this tool, or a function of OASIS? I am not familiar with the terms halls and rooms. I am sure it will make more sense once we see it. " All of the work for Forum I will be in Hall 1. Team 1 will use Rooms 1-3 for their dialogue, and Team 2 will use Rooms 4-6. Both teams will post their final products in Hall 1 Room 8."